Wrought Iron Balcony Hand Rails, Railings manufacturer in Houston, TX

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We are a leading provider for wrought iron balcony handrails in Houston. You can contact us with any design that you have in mind for your commercial or residential space.

Wrought Iron Balcony Hand Rails

We are the leading providers of commercial and residential railings and handrail solutions in Houston, Texas. Our fifteen years of experience have earned us the trust of hundreds of homeowners throughout the city of Houston as their provider of railings and handrails. We specialize in developing ornamental railings for your home or workplace. We provide both interior and exterior railings. We also design safety railings and metal balconies. We can develop steel balcony grills according to your custom specifications. Our expertise in recreating ornamental railings makes us the leading manufacturers and providers in Houston.

Steel or Wrought Iron Balcony Handrails

Choosing the right material for railings can be difficult. We provide both stainless steel and wrought iron. Both are great metals and are equally corrosion resistant. While stainless steel handrails have a very polished and shiny appearance, the wrought iron balcony handrails have a rustic, dark look. Wrought iron molds more easily into various ornamental shapes and has a more antique look. Stainless steel, on the other hand, has a polished urban look. You are free to choose either metal to fit your custom requirements and designs.

Porch Railing Services at Manageable Cost

Stainless steel is a little more expensive than wrought iron. We provide exceptional service at a reasonable and affordable price. Project estimates depend on various specifications of your project. Some of these include the extent of railing area, the assigned duration to complete the project, and the intricacy of ornamentation. We have many years of experience making porch railings and therefore have technicians who willingly take on any kind of decorative railing project.

Our experienced technicians handle each project very carefully and with great skill, employing all safety measures to avoid accidents and injuries at work. All our workers are fully insured and the company assumes liability for injury caused to any of our employees for the duration of the project. We can also work with your architect and your designs to create the wrought iron balcony handrails of your dreams. We deliver impressive work, quickly. If you have any particular design idea in mind, do contact us. We encourage our customers to bring us their own ideas. We can design ornamental balcony handrails that show your unique and distinctive style in your home or office.