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The spiral staircase represents the historical legacy dating back thousands of years. You can also have the magic in your home that only custom wrought iron circular staircases can provide.

Wrought Iron Spiral Staircases are not often common in homes and businesses but can make a beautiful addition to any place.

Here are a few samples of what we can make:

Wrought Iron Circular Staircases

By choosing wrought iron circular staircases, you are continuing one of the oldest architectural traditions in history. Just how old is the tradition of spiral staircases? The earliest example of the spiral staircase can be found in Temple A of Selinunte, Sicily dating from 480-470 BC. The spiral staircases can be found mentioned in the Bible also, where the Holy Book describes the construction of Solomon’s Temple (1 Kings, 5-7). The spirals have been part of history and folklore as well.

Mystery, Myth, and the History of Wrought Iron Spiral Staircases

In 1878, the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe had a mysterious carpenter arrive on the ninth day of the nun’s prayers. The nuns were praying to St. Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters. The carpenter built a beautiful spiral staircase and left without thanks or payment. The spiral staircase from Trajan’s column in Rome (113 AD) still stands. In medieval architecture, their construction was intentionally clockwise to keep treacherous invaders, who were mostly right-handed, out! Just imagine, you can have an architectural structure with a magnificent heritage that is reminiscent of great myth and folklore, right in your home! Let us be the ones to develop the custom wrought iron spiral stairs for your home.

The intrigue of Iron Spiral Stairs

We are specialists in developing custom wrought iron spiral staircases. We can also work in close collaboration with your architect during the construction of your home. The wrought iron stairway will add value to your home. It transforms the mundane act of climbing up and down the stairs into a spiral journey. You will realize the value of a spiral journey, when you understand the fact that the spiral is actually a fundamental unit of all creation. DNA is spiral shaped. In fact, it is a double helix! Also, recent studies suggest that the planets in the solar system move in a spiral fashion around the sun! You can have a representation of this cosmic motion through wrought iron stairs in your home.

Custom Spiral Staircases

Choosing the wrought iron spiral stairs can also bring back memories of another time. Many old fire stations still have wrought iron spiral staircases. Do you want to relive that feeling in your home? Contact us for your custom spiral staircase. We can develop the right spiral for you, customized, according to your specifications. Whether you want clockwise or counterclockwise stairs, we are the ones to develop your custom-made wrought iron railings.

Get in touch with us for your ornamental wrought iron staircase handrails. We are specialists in offering wrought iron ornamental designs of every kind. We have fifteen years of working experience in Houston, Texas. Our technicians have extraordinary expertise in bringing ornamentation to life. You can choose from our design portfolio or send us your custom designs. We are committed to making sure that you have the wrought iron spiral staircase you have always wished for.