Here at Ornamental Iron of Houston, We are the master craftmen of Security Gates, Security Doors, Electric Gates, Automatic Gates, Sliding Gates, Entry Gates, Cast Iron Gates, Metal Gate, Driveway Gates, Swing Gates it does not matter what kind of gate you have in mind, We will make it for you.


How to choose your gate: when designing your gate, there are several things you have to have in mind, here are the things you should consider:
Q1: Should it be a swing, slide or cantilever gate?

The answer to this question have to do directly with the width of the driveway, if you are considering to use a wrought iron swing gate,having a driveway gate built longer than 13 feet will increase the possibility of sagging in the near future,if choosing an aluminum driveway gate, 15 feet should be the maximum length to prevent poor craftsmanship and eventually sagging. when using sliding gates or cantilever gates the width of the driveway does not matter, We have done security gates as long as 40 linear feet in length.

Q2: Should it be a 2 parts or just a single leaf gate?

It is always better to have a single leaf if you are planing to have a electronic gate and the reason is because you will only need one gate opener resulting in less money for you to pay.

Q3: Should it be a wrought iron, stainless steel or aluminum driveway gate?

You have to consider the immediate area where the gate would be installed, factors like: weather conditions,water sprinklers and excessive use will determine which driveway gate you need. Here in Houston We get lots of rain and most of everybody have sprinkler systems therefore an aluminum gate is the best choice however aluminum materials are more expensive than regular steel but aluminum gates will last much longer if properly designed.

Q4: Which of all these security gates is more durable?

Out of all 3 material choices aluminum will last longer, do not use aluminum if the gate would be exposed to heavy traffic because aluminum is less resistant to impacts than wrought iron or stainless steel.

Q5: Which of these gates is cheaper.

Wrought iron is cheaper than aluminum gates or stainless steel gates.

Q6: If I have an existing gate, how long would I be without a gate once they remove it prior to installing the new driveway gate?

In 99 % of the times We will not leave your love ones unprotected, We will remove the old gate and install your new security gate the same day We arrive.

Q7: Whats the difference in price between solar gates and electric gates?

Solar gates are more expensive by nearly $300 dollars which cover the solar panel and the installations fees however it is always better to get an electric gate with a power back up system to ensure you would be able to enter or exit should the power fail, solar driveway gates run out of power if not enough sun light in within 1 week.

Q8: Is powder coating my new electronic gate better than regular industrial enamel paint?

No, powder coating is the best choice of any and all applications, it will last longer than industrial enamel but if applied to a wrought iron gate, it does not mean that it will never corrode, it just means that it will be better protected against corrosion and weather inclemencies.

Q9: Will my small dog be able to get thru the pickets of my new wrought iron or aluminum gate driveway gate?

No, We will install puppy bars to prevent small pets getting in or out.

Q10: Which gate opener do I need for my new automatic gate?

Please refer to the gate opener selection chart to answer this question.